We are calling on members to contact Florida Senators and encourage them to OPPOSE SENATE BILL 540.

SB 540 was introduced by Senator Lauren Book and is dubbed the “Human Trafficking Bill”. Among recent changes to the bill is the creation of a “Soliciting for Prostitution Registry”.

As SWOP Behind Bars (an organization that provides resources to incarcerated sex workers) pointed out to Senator Book; “Don’t put the legislature in jeopardy of having to apologize to dead and starving sex workers for putting their clients on a prostitution registry. Registries of all kinds are harmful and ruin lives forever.

We’ve written previously about this absurd bill. It will be heard by the Community Affairs committee, tomorrow, 03/12/19, at 4:00 pm, so we are calling on members to speak out AGAINST REGISTRIES OF ALL KIND!

If you want to contact the Community Affairs Committee, the senators involved are:


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