I saw a very frustrating quote in last week’s Miami Times that I’d like to call out.  The City of Miami is doubling down on their homeless sweeps in an effort to get the city’s homeless population under control.

The quote was, “Ron Book, chairman of the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, insisted that the city’s estimated unsheltered population of 555 is the lowest since August 2014.”

Really?!?! 555 unsheltered in Miami??? I’m calling B.S.

According to the FDLE database there are 447 (yes, four hundred forty-seven) people required to register as sex offenders living homeless in the City of Miami. Here’s the list: Miami Homeless

They are forced into homelessness because of Miami-Dade’s Sex Offender Residency Restriction, called the Lauren Book Child Safety Ordinance (yes, Lauren Book is Ron Book’s Daughter).

So, 446 out of 555 unsheltered in the City of Miami are people forced to register???? That’s more than 80%!

Either the homeless trust is grossly inaccurate in their estimate or FAC has a solution to instantly reduce the homeless population in Miami by 80%… Repeal the Lauren Book Child Safety Ordinance!



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