A recent article from BusinessInsider highlights why it is so difficult for anyone with a history of a sexual offense conviction (or even allegation) to find a job, housing, or integrate into the community. Nobody wants the “branding issue” of being associated with the person.

The article explains this from the context of Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is currently running for reelection. His opponent was quoted as saying, “Trump or DeSantis have not endorsed Matt Gaetz. Have they in the past? Yes. Have they now? The answer is no. And the reason for that is that they can’t afford the branding issue. The branding issue of being associated with a pedophile,”

The quote from candidate Lombardo highlights another difficulty with the “sex offender” label, and that is; everyone thinks it it synonymous with ‘pedophile’ where MOST people labeled “sex offender” are not diagnosed pedophiles, not child molesters and some don’t even have an identifiable victim or victim who is under 18.

Gaetz is presently under investigation for allegedly sex trafficking a minor,

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