This morning we posted the below message. It didn’t take long for us to discover that the “PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR”, Christopher Duszka, Was (at least until recently) a Crime Intelligence Analyst for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement! (see:

WE ARE WARNING MEMBERS TO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS SURVEY!!! Who knows how the information you provide will be used against you by FDLE, who is the defendant in pending registration challenges. At least we know how this snake got everyone’s email addresses!!!

A number of our members have received emails concerning a “SORNA Compliance and Opinion Survey” conducted by someone at Southwestern College in Kansas.

FAC has no information on this “Survey”, but is very curious and concerned about how the survey organizers obtained the email addresses of individuals on the Florida registry. If anyone can simply access our personal email addresses for surveys, marketing, solicitations or any purpose, it’s concerning.

We will dig into this further and advise.

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