These phone scams targeting people on the registry have been discussed many times at our website.  Very little seems to be done by law enforcement throughout the state of Florida, but fortunately that is not true everywhere in our country.

We recently saw the Pennsylvania State Police warn registrants about a scam, something FDLE does not do and does not seem to care to do.

Now in Chesapeake, VA, the sheriff’s office is warning about a phone scam targeting registrants, involving people who are impersonating law enforcement officers.  Just as important, the sheriff’s office is telling anyone who receives one of these calls to hang up and call the CSO directly.  It appears that the Chesapeake sheriff would like to catch these impostors.

One of our members recently pointed out on a post, dealing with another scam, that some Florida sheriffs’ offices might not want to be bothered investigating these scams, but knowing that the caller is impersonating a law enforcement officer might make them more likely to pursue the case.

One of our members said that Duval County is at least putting up warning signs for people to see when they are forced to come in for registration.  Please let us know if you are aware of other counties in Florida that are trying to warn people of these scams, or better yet, if they are trying to catch these scammers.


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