There is not doubt that people find out about people who are on the sex registry. And that will include friends and acquaintances of their children. It is also true that many registered sex offenders have families and are not threats to society.

Hence, the damage to their children is real, because they are ostracized and condemned or shunned because of their parent.

This is a very difficult issue. There are, of course, true human menaces, and the point of the sex offender registry is to protect children and others from potential danger.

And yet, at the same time, the registry causes danger, or at least humiliation, to the registrant’s children and family and often to the registrant him or herself.

It is curious too. People who are arguably equally or more dangerous, like paroled murderers, home invaders, kidnappers, violent felons, burglars, manslaughterers, robbers, drug dealers, drunk drivers who ran over and killed someone, are on no registry and could live next door to you without your knowing.


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