This article talks about Circles of Accountability and Support (COSA). The program pioneered by Dr. Robin Wilson, that has seen the already low recidivism rate of sex offenders, further reduced by 70%.

Unlike most sex offender policies, which tend to isolate returning sex offenders through housing restrictions that force them to live on the outskirts of towns or online registries that require them to report virtually every movement, COSA, as the name suggests, provides a circle of community members to assist the offender in successful re-integration and help be accountable for their success through regular meetings and support.

As this report, prepared for the Vermont Department of Corrections, concludes; “identity shifts from criminal to non-criminal only occur through an integrative process with pro-social citizens, and important people who will validate the offenders’ efforts to change. CoSA is the ideal prototype for how to achieve this in partnership with Corrections and the community.

Think about how that principle differs from the sex offender policies currently in place.

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