Arthur West, of Olympia Washington, was an active user of the app. That is, until they didn’t like what he had to say and then kicked him off the platform.

Not one to be silenced, West sued Nextdoor and it’s CEO, using the precedent from a landmark sex offender case, Packingham v. North Carolina, that held the government cannot block an individual’s access to social media – which is the modern day “public square”.

West’s argument, that in partnering with government agencies, such as law enforcement, Nextdoor is acting as a quasi public body and therefore cannot restrict people from it’s public square. This is precisely the issue FAC has had with the company and their policy of banning registrants and their cohabitants from their website. (see: and

This is a case we will be watching closely and would love to participate in.

A copy of the complaint can be found here: West v. NextDoor

Thanks to the member who alerted us to it’s filing!

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