In advance of Halloween, which is just about two months away, the City of Jacksonville has been SUED over their Halloween sign ordinance.

Two brave registrants have taken on the City of Jacksonville (with the representation of Dante Trevisani and Ray Taseff of the Florida Justice Institute – the same FJI that is suing Brevard County over their Proximity Ordinance), challenging the constitutionality of an ordinance that requires people on the registry to post a sign on their residence in two-inch letters which is visible from the street that states, “No candy or treats here.”

The ordinance also prohibits registrants from placing “any display including but not limited to displays for any nationally or locally recognized holiday or seasonal event or practice” if such display is “primarily targeted to entice, attract, or lure a child” onto their property.

In addition to the complaint (a copy of which can be read from the link below), the plaintiffs have also asked for an injunction, preventing the city from enforcing the ordinance in time for the upcoming holiday season!

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