We are pleased to have learned that Judge Dimitrouleas DISMISSED the lawsuit filed against us by ClearMyCase.

For some time we’d been receiving complaints from FAC members and registrants from other states about a company out of Texas called ClearMyCase.com. The company had been using the State Sex Offender registries as a mailing list to solicit “fees” to help “de-register” people from the Sex Offender Registry.

The claims seemed to be too good to be true, contrary to what we know about our State’s registration process and, in looking into the company and it’s principal, John Fitzgerald Bordelon, we found numerous consumer complaints against ClearMyCase and another company he owned which claimed to provide debt counseling services (John Bordelon, ironically, filed bankruptcy several times in the last decade).

Reports from our members and other affiliate groups was that they paid ClearMyCase thousands of dollars only to get no relief and no response. They felt scammed.

To protect our members from unknowingly falling victim, we posted warnings on our site. Late last year we learned that ClearMyCase filed a lawsuit alleging defamation. The case was referenced in the newspapers, including the Miami-Herald.

At the end of the day, justice prevailed and the case against us was dismissed. It was dismissed because ClearMyCase never served us and appeared to have never responded to the Judge’s order to show cause, either.

As pleased as we are to have this case off our shoulders, we somewhat looked forward to presenting more information we learned recently, including the results of our public information request to the Texas (where they are based) attorney general, which supplied us with several, documented, consumer complaints. At the end of the day, we can only assume that they would rather not let the truth come out.


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