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Although FAC has not been served yet, we have been made aware that has sued us for defamation.

While it’s generally not advisable to comment on pending litigation, we wanted to keep our members informed, especially in light of yesterday’s article in the Miami Herald which implied this was a dispute among sex offender advocates.

Firstly, this is not a dispute among sex offender advocates at all, but about the First Amendment.

Earlier this year we began receiving calls and emails from registrants informing us of a flier they received in the mail from “clear my case” informing them “We have great news for you! You may be eligible to deregister.” and soliciting their “introductory offer” of a paid ($160) consultation. (see here)

In looking into this company we uncovered numerous complaints from registrants who have paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to clearmycase who felt scammed. Asking clearmycase directly for any information on anyone in Florida they “de-registered” (not naming names or identifying parties) turned up empty. The owner of clearmycase, John F. Bordelon, also owns “Liberty Credit Partners”, a company that purportedly provides credit counseling services. He has, ironically, filed for personal bankruptcy at least four times in the last decade. (see here)

As complaints from registrants nationwide came to our attention, we felt it was our duty to warn members and share our opinion of

Not surprisingly, in response to our posts, we received comments from others, including complaints from consumers who paid thousands to clearmycase and even a former employee who was not at a loss for words when describing the company.

Now, apparently, ClearMyCase wants to sue us for “defamation” over OUR opinion, posted to OUR members, on OUR website? This should be interesting!




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