It’s not often you see prosecutors and public defenders working together on the same team.

But Thursday night, representatives from both groups spoke before state lawmakers in a joint effort to reform the law around Colorado’s juvenile sex offender registry list.

“There are demonstrable…effects for children listed on this public registry right now,” said Amanda Gall, a Sexual Assault Resource Prosecutor at the Colorado District Attorney’s Council.

“This bill strikes a balance between public access and privacy for these children.”

HB-1079 was passed out of the House Judicial Committee Thursday. It calls for several changes, including:

  • Limiting public access to the juvenile sex offender registry
  • Limiting lifetime registration for sexual offenses committed when the offender was a juvenile
  • Giving judges more discretion at the time of sentencing a juvenile to decide whether or not to exempt the offender from the registry, based on an evaluation of the offender and recommendation from the evaluation team
  • If the juvenile offender moves to Colorado from another state, and the juvenile offender is no longer required to register in that prior state, he or she would not have to register in Colorado


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