Critics of Colorado’s sex-offender registration system charge it demoralizes and endlessly punishes people who genuinely want to be better, reports the Denver Post. They claim the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), a 25 member group which sets rules for evaluation, treatment and monitoring of sex offenders, teaches offenders to see themselves as incurable monsters’ decades after their offenses at the expense of more effective and humanizing therapies.

“Registration does not work. It does not keep us any safer,” said Emma Mclean-Riggs, an ACLU of Colorado fellow experienced in working with minors assigned to the sex-offender registry. A survivor herself, Maclean-Riggs says the system turns sexual offenders into “monstrous” predators and does little to protect the public.  “Because I’m a survivor I care about exactly one thing: what works,” she adds, noting that Colorado is not very good at helping sexual abuse victims. A recent scathing report by the state auditor also found that board members were voting on policy matters to benefit their own firms and the delays in getting people past their parole-eligibility date into treatment. Forty-seven convicted sex offenders got out of prison last year without receiving treatment, the report found.


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