I’ll end this week by sharing a bit of ridiculousness that is being thrown around the water cooler.

I’ve said this before, but it seems like hysterical people and political opportunists are running out of ideas for “sex offender laws” and really grasping at straws sometimes. I can understand a person required to be registered as sex offender prevented from teaching preschool or running a day care – there’s at least some rationality to that ban, but we’ve also heard of registrants prevented from becoming a garbageman, and now people in the UK are suggesting registrants shouldn’t be allowed to be bouncers at clubs either! Yes, there’s a call to ban registrants from being bouncers at night clubs, calling it a “loophole” in the law. A loophole? Bouncers? Come on!

Another far flung idea that is actually a Bill making its way through the Missouri Legislature. They want to add “state conservation areas” to their exclusion zone. That’s as in, people on the registry can’t go within 500 feet of schools, parks, public swimming pools, children’s museums… and now state conservation areas. Conservation areas are essentially forests and wetlands. It might be where someone would go bird watching or to fish in a pond, but not where you’d find unaccompanied children to abduct. Would you believe the Missouri senate ok’ed the change 34-0 yesterday?

It just goes to show that if you attach the words “sex offender” to a piece of legislation, you’ll be able to get anything through. Should registrants be welders? Clearly that’s another “loophole” that needs to be closed or they may fashion a “childlike sex doll” out of metal scraps. Should registrants be allowed within 500 feet of trees? Lets add that to the list, just in case one decides to molest an oak or pee on it for some paraphilic reason.

Come on people… Let’s be real!

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