Sen. Jeff Brandes is spearheading the state’s criminal justice reform initiative. SB 642 is his 10th justice reform-related bill pre-filed for the upcoming Florida session.

“Tough on crime” laws imposed in the 1990s have increased Florida’s prison population by 29 percent in two decades. The state – with 96,313 inmates on July 1 – has the nation’s third-largest prison population. SB 642 addresses the sentencing of criminals and focuses on re-entry services to reduce crime, cut probation costs and create “a more efficient, effective criminal justice system,” Brandes said.

Brandes told in December he will submit bills to address more than 100 mandatory minimum sentencing requirements in state law as one way to trim the prison population by about 10,000, to 86,000.

This bill would exclude registrants and violent offenders from gain-time benefits that are being extended to other inmates.


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