Throughout our nation, there are some legislators who are beginning to listen to the research, but there are still too many who refuse to listen to the truth, particularly in an election year.

Individuals whose sex offense in Connecticut was committed before the registry was instituted are asking their state legislators to allow for their removal from the registry.

The battle has been a long, slow one for these people, but they saw a glimmer of hope this past session only to be put out by a group of legislators who want to make sure that their punishment continues for a lifetime.  

According to Jaden Edison with CTMirror, Gary Winfield, co-chair of the Connecticut Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, advocated for a bill this year that would have ended registration requirements for people in Connecticut whose sex offense was before 1998 when the public registry was enacted.  

The bill passed successfully through the Judiciary Committee and the full Senate.  For the first time it appeared that the bill had a real chance of succeeding until it reached the House where it died, mainly due to false information.

We hope that the registrants who spoke to the Connecticut Legislature and Cindy Prizio, Executive Director and President of One Standard Justice, will continue this fight.


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