Let me say this first and most importantly… everyone accused of the crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty and we are strongly against sexual abuse of any kind. It is important to establish that this post is not to implicate someone of a crime before they have been convicted and certainly not to celebrate the commission of an offense.

That said… some news that came out last night got my attention… Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking a minor.

This is the same Matt Gaetz, who when running for office put out a television commercial announcing he plans to “fix” sex offender laws by creating longer mandatory minimum sentences (see: https://floridaactioncommittee.org/longer-prison-terms-only-works-for-politics/). This is also the same Matt Gaetz whose father, former Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, promised to make Florida “Scorched Earth for Sex Offenders” (see: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-xpm-2013-12-21-os-ed-sexual-predator-epidemic-20131220-story.html).

Isn’t that a bit fortuitous (again, not the offense but who the accused is)? We’ve always said that ‘until it happens to them or their child’ they won’t realize or care about the draconian laws they created.

If the allegations are proven and Matt Gaetz has to do time and register as a sex offender, he will become the beneficiary of all the “scorched earth” laws he and his father helped create. Could this be Karma?


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