Connecticut is steps closer to potentially changing the way the state’s sex-offender registry is managed.

The Connecticut Sentencing Commission is holding a public hearing Thursday and reviewing several proposed changes following a two-year study that began in 2015.

“There was concern in the legislature, I think, that maybe Connecticut could find a better way to deal with sex offender registration, sex offender management,” Superior Court Judge Robert Delvin, chair of the Connecticut Sentencing Commission, said.

Among several proposed changes are three headliners. The first focuses on revamping the system by focusing on an offender’s risk versus the offender’s conviction. In other words, how likely that person is to re-offend.

The second proposal is a petition process through the Superior Court to remove an offender from the list. Currently in Connecticut, once an offender is on the registry, the person can’t be removed from it.

The third proposed change readjusts the public’s access to the list. Depending on the crime or risk of re-offending, some of the registry could only be seen by law enforcement. Right now, the public has access to the entire registry.


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