The latest issue of Reason Magazine has much about sex!   Pleasure, alas, has a price.  As Katherine Mangu-Ward explains, “the legal risk of many common sexual choices is skyrocketing.”  Several essays exploring that theme are now available online.  Cyber vice squads and neo-Puritans run amok, see below.  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire



American Sex Police

With sweeping trafficking stings, the FBI returns to its roots as the nation’s vice squad.  Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s wide-ranging investigation into Operation Cross Country, a series of ongoing stings that purport to be searching out evil men who traffic children into sexual slavery but in fact amount to a war on people engaging in consensual commercial sex.



Sex and Kids

The unjust, irrational, and unconstitutional consequences of pedophilia panic.  Jacob Sullum’s account of the unconstitutional and wildly uneven legal treatment that accused consumers of child pornography experience.



Safe Sex, Dangerous State

Mixing sex and the state has never been a good idea.  Katherine Mangu-Ward writes, “As we increasingly infantilize teens and young adults while disregarding privacy protections that once shielded intimate communications, more “kids” are being caught in a legal dragnet that is purportedly designed to protect them.”

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