Just weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court justices return from summer break a continuing controversy threatens the court’s credibility.  Did they play fast and loose with the facts in several landmark sex offense cases?   A new video that just went live on the New York Times website will tell you plenty, click on the link below.  Also below are several stories with more information.  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire


A ‘Frightening’ Myth About Sex Offenders


New York Times Op-Doc by David Feige

Our harsh treatment of sex offenders is based on flawed social science

See the VIDEO:





The Washington Post | March 9, 2017

The big lie about sex offenders

By Radley Balko



Slate | March 7, 2017

The Supreme Court’s Sex-Offender Jurisprudence Is Based on a Lie

By David Feige



Washington Post | June 21, 2017

Three Pinocchios:  Justice Alito’s misleading claim about sex offender rearrests



New York Post | March 1, 2017

Do sex offenders have a right to free speech?

By Lenore Skenazy



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