In this week’s update, we sent out a plea to help an elderly man in South Florida find a stable home so that he can receive medical treatment for prostate cancer.  He is only one example of those struggling to survive due to residency restrictions, especially when they have family waiting with open arms to welcome them into their homes.

In other cases, we have an aging population that needs care in nursing homes, skilled living facilities, dementia wards and even hospice residences.  They are being denied due to residency restrictions where a school, park, playground or daycare center is within 1000′ of the medical care facility, as though these patients are somehow expected to walk out on their own.

This does not just impact the elderly.  There are people in need of physical rehab after surgery or injuries that are denied access to residential care facilities. A young man on probation that had his second leg amputated was left to find someone to take him into their home and drive him back and forth to daytime rehab appointments.  The home had to be outside of the 1000′ from any school, park playground or daycare center, of course.  To add to the absurdity, this young man is on a GPS monitor that his Probation officer attached to his wrist when he no longer had an ankle to use.

And a mother, sleeping in her parked car on a street corner with her son each night so that he would have some shelter, because his homeless camp was bull-dozed without warning.  While all of the occupants of the camp lost everything to a bull-dozer and dump truck, they were also told that their GPS coordinates were changed to another location that they must go to.  He is afraid that he may be violated because the car is parked on the street near the entrance to the wooded area, instead of in thick, damp bug-infested woods.

The stories are endless and they need to be documented.  Letters need to be sent, calls need to be made, and speakers need to be ready to present.

Enough is enough.  We need your help to raise awareness of these issues in an organized campaign that will reach the legislators as well as the public and media.  Are you ready to join the newly-formed FAC sub-committees on 1) Homelessness or 2) Elder Care?

Please contact [email protected]. with your name and county.  If you are not already a member of Florida Action Committee (FAC), please complete a member form at

Share campaign suggestions below.  With Unity Comes Change.



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