Dear Members and Advocates,

Who is ready to go to Tallahassee?

November is the month for Tallahassee and nearby counties to come together.  First, we have a Meet and Greet planned for Saturday November 11 from 1-4pm.  There will be FAC Board members there to share goals for the 2024 Legislative Session and how local members can get involved, whether just by making phone calls, or attending sessions to observe and take notes, or to stand up and make a 3-minute public statement.  We need more support from local residents of Tallahassee this year and hope that all local members will attend the Meet and Greet or at least contact the membership team.  For out-of-towners, hotel reservations are a challenge since there is a home football game that weekend and most of the rooms are already sold out for Friday and Saturday nights.

Hotel rooms will open up on Sunday November 12 and FAC has reserved a block at one hotel for any out-of-towners that can attend the long awaited trial for the Ex Post Facto II Lawsuit, scheduled to start on Monday November 13, 2023 at the Northern District court in Tallahassee.  There will be a team of attorneys, plaintiff and witnesses in the courtroom, and we expect to fill the public seats with FAC members and advocates in attendance to show support.  If you are interested in attending the trial in Tallahassee, please contact us. 

We are organizing the Tallahassee Meet and Greet, the hotel rooms, the courtroom attendance, and also scheduling meetings with state representatives and senators.  To join us in Tallahassee or if you have any questions, you can email [email protected] or leave a message at 833-273-7325 option 1.  You can also join the Legislative Team to discuss visits and details of Tallahassee trip. To participate on the Legislative team meeting, call 760-548-9898 THIS Thursday Oct 26 at 8pm.ET

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  Every month, try to attend or speak at one Legislative Delegation meetings and respond to at least one Call-to-Action. Contact the Legislative team if you need help preparing a 2-minute speech.  The call to action this month is focused on Contacting Florida Legislators to Make Changes so That People on the Sex Offender Registry Can Receive Long-Term Health Care.

THE POWER OF ONE:  If every member attended one delegation meeting and/or made one call to their legislator each month, our presence and voices would certainly speed up the change that is happening.  Years ago, any proposed restriction or law would pass immediately without pause or discussion….but no more.  We are seeing change happen in county and city meetings where decision makers are not so quick to agree to more restrictions; instead they are questioning the need, asking for more data, and searching for rational changes. Our voices are being heard locally and we need to have stronger voices in Tallahassee, too.

Get involved.  Change is Coming.


The Florida Action Committee (FAC)

[email protected]

833-273-7325 Option 1


Donation Request – Funds are needed for the Ex Post Facto II Lawsuit.  Any amount is appreciated to reach our goal of $25,000 this year.  You can donate online at  For Tax Deductible donations, email membership@floridaactioncommittee,org or leave message at 833-273-7325 Option 1.

Monday Night Support Group – Open to registered citizens and family members, every Monday at 8pmET.  Call 760-548-9898 to participate in a group support call facilitated by FAC Regional Coordinators.  Find comfort, motivation and encouragement with other members in this no-judgement zone as they share common concerns and interests.

Monthly Membership Call – Thu Nov 2 at 8pm ET. 319-527-3487. Topic: Recap of Geneva, ACSOL, and other significant meetings. If you have any problem connecting to the call for free, you can text CALL ME to 319-527-3487 for a call back from Free Conference Call and you will be connected to the meeting at no charge.

New Member Orientation Call – Thu Nov 9 at 8pm ET. 319-527-3487. NO Agenda. Call in to learn more about the organization, volunteer opportunities, where to find support, get resources and referrals, or just share information. If you have any problem connecting for free, you can text CALL ME to 319-527-3487 for a call back from Free Conference Call and you will be connected to the meeting at no charge.

Family Support Group – Sat Nov 18 from 11am-1pm.  By Invitation only for non-registered family members with loved ones on the Registry.   Must be an FAC member. To participate, contact [email protected] or call 833-273-7325, Option 1.

SHINE Women’s Group [Women Forced to Register].  For details and more information, contact Danell at [email protected] or leave message at 772-494-1947.

Legislative Delegation Meetings – Check schedule for meeting near you.  This is your opportunity to speak publicly on issues that concern your family and our community.  For help in preparing a 3-minute speech, or to learn more about the meetings, join the legislative team by contacting [email protected] or leave message at call 833-273-7325.

MEET and GREETS  Check Event calendar for a meeting near you.

Sat Nov 4–Clearwater (Pinellas) 1-4pm RSVP to [email protected] or call 217-218-2749.

Sat Nov 4–Jacksonville (Duval) 3-5:30pm RSVP [email protected] or call/text (904) 300-0109.

Sat Nov 4-Apopka (Orange) – Noon -3pm RSVP [email protected] or 833-273-7325 Option 1.

Sat Nov 4-Miami (Miami-Dade) – Time TBD – RSVP after 10/20/23 to Danell at [email protected] or call 772-494-1947 OR Dessie at [email protected] or call 772-226-0304.

Sat Nov 11–Tallahassee (Leon) 1-4pm RSVP [email protected] or 833-273-7325 Option 1.

Sat Nov 18–Sebring (Highlands) 1-4pm fac.highland[email protected] or leave message at 863-256-3026

Talent Needed – Experts or Want-a-Try-experts!

Staff Writers  – Persons familiar with writing effective articles and/or Press Releases.  Contact [email protected].

Grant Writers – Contact [email protected]

Moderators – Screen and approve comments on posts.  Contact [email protected]

With Unity Comes Change -Get Involved and Volunteer Today!

Florida Action Committee
[email protected]


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