Over the State’s objection, the Court has granted the Plaintiff Does’ Motion to Proceed Anonymously in the “Ex Post Facto” case.

In an order issued today, the Federal Magistrate Judge found the factors weigh in favor of the plaintiff’s proceeding as John Does and not being forced to disclose their actual identities during the pretrial phase. While this decision may be revisited if it comes down to a trial, for now this victory will hopefully give peace of mind to those who were brave enough to put themselves out there.

In addition to thanking the attorneys for their excellent arguments in favor of anonymity, FAC has to thank those of our members who submitted declarations in support of the motion. The Court noted, “when coupled with the sworn declarations of other registrants recounting similar instances of violence and vandalism, Plaintiffs have submitted enough evidence that this factor weighs in favor of anonymity.”

For those who don’t think you can make a difference, you can.

The order is below:

ex post facto – Order re Anonymity

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