Jenny Day, a reporter for Yuma, Arizona’s NBC News Affiliate KYMA (Channel 11) is getting pushback from experts who are calling her out on some false statistics she reported on in a story about sex offenders in the community.

She claims “Statistics show 99% of child sex offenders reoffend, yet they are still being released into our community.” which we know to be completely ridiculous, but then used that excerpt to try to get traction to her story in twitter ( Thankfully experts are calling her out on her bullshit and asking her to cite the “statistics” she is claiming. So far no reply and we know why there’s not going to be a reply from her, because no empirical research exists.

More than 150 responses have been posted to tweet and they are overwhelmingly calling for a correction. Many have written to her and the station demanding she retract her story and apologize.

A petion on is even being circulated, demanding she retract her story or resign: (please feel free to sign).

Now that Ms. Day and her station have been unquestionably placed on notice of their error, the rest is up to them. Their response will determine how much further this will go, including potential legal action. Her station, KYMA, re-tweeted her post.and could potentially be liable for defamation under the republication rule (Restatement (2s) of Torts § 578).



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