Although the Florida Action Committee supports any organization’s First Amendment right to peaceful demonstration, FAC is compelled to clarify that it is not, in any way, affiliated with the ‘Rally in Tally’ protest scheduled for April 22, 2015 in Tallahassee.


The rally, which will coincide with the “Walk In My Shoes” event, is organized by Women Against Registry, Oregon Action Committee and Derek Logue, none of whom are Florida residents or Florida organizations. FAC is not affiliated with these organizations.


While we might agree with Registry Reform, we strongly disagree with the timing of this rally and are concerned that it might create confusion as to the underlying message. For this reason, we disagree with the timing of the rally and will not be participating in this event.


FAC unequivocally supports victims’ rights and bringing awareness to sexual abuse. Our goal is to end the cycle of abuse. At the same time, FAC supports registry reform and we believe, as the research supports, labeling people for life has unintended consequences which does not further public safety and rehabilitation.


The Florida Action Committee will continue to work with the Florida Legislature to reform policies which are not based on empirical evidence and to work towards prevention of sexual abuse through prevention awareness, education and safe reentry of former offenders to our communities once they completed their sentence.

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