Several members of the Florida Action Committee participated in the Florida Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers conference, held in Orlando last week. The conference, at which FAC had a table and circulated materials and resources, “was a valuable event as we network and continue to promote and establish ourselves as a partner in the reentry process.” said Gail Colletta, President of FAC.

The event included presentations from treatment specialists and researchers on sexual abuse, and was attended by treatment providers, members of law enforcement, attorneys, probation and other stakeholders.

According to those who attended, members of law enforcement who are informed, agree that the over broad restrictions on our population are counter-productive and want to be viewed as partners in registrant’s success. We even met some who are open to presenting their shared view in a public forum!

Networking provided the opportunity to learn about situations in other areas where we don’t have much reach, presently. For example, we learned of a couple additional housing opportunities in Osceola County. Networking provided us the opportunity to meet points of contact at different agencies, such as the newly created Director of Human Trafficking of the DJJ.

Networking also provided the opportunity for us to make others aware of our organization, so they can let their patients, probationers and other interested parties know about us. We passed out information about FAC, as well as a survey to collect information.

A special thanks to those who attended, helped man our table and for our membership who made it possible.



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