The Florida Action Committee’s petition asking the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the United Nations to declare the public sex offender registry a human rights violation has collected more than 4,000 signatures!

We are so happy with the response the petition has received from our members, from other advocacy groups and from their friends and families.

We need your help in getting the word out in order to get even more signatures, so here’s where we could use your help:

  • If you have social media, please post this link to the petition and mention a group or individual you would like to promote it. For example, “@UNHumanRights please support our petition: #HumanRights“. You can Google to see the most active human rights organizations or individuals on twitter and ask them to help promote the petition. If you are on Facebook, you can search for Human Rights Groups or Groups that advocate for social justice causes and which have a lot of members and as them to post the petition as well.

Here are some groups you can call out in twitter: @UN, @The_Advocates, @hrw, @UNHumanRights, @HRF, @UN_HRC, @IHRCEU, @USHRN, @rights_info, @AmnestyOnline, @EURightsAgency, @humanressay, @UoNHRLC, @JUSTICEhq, @OpenRightsGroup, @privacyint, @EHRC,

  • A large number of our members do not have internet access. They may not know about this petition because they are not receiving our updates or they may not be able to use the computer to enter their signature on the online petition. If you are in a treatment group or speak to any of these people, please let them know about the petition. Write the link on a piece of paper and share it with them so they can still have their family members sign the petition.

  • FAC issued a press release announcing the petition. It is available on Associated Press (AP) via this link: . Please reach out to your local news outlets (in Florida, you can find them here: – just click on the link with the outlet name and it should give you contact information for the editor or the news room) and let them know about the petition and that it has already garnered more than 1500 signatures. Our Board would be happy to do an interview with any news outlet willing to cover this important story.

  • Any outreach you do does not need to be restricted to Florida or to the United States. This petition is directed to the UN, an international organization, and concerns a global human rights issue. If you speak Spanish, please contact the media in Spanish-speaking countries. If you are Italian, Ce la fai! The purpose here is to bring this to the world’s attention and we will not accomplish that by keeping it domestic.

  • Keep on going! We greatly appreciate all that has been done to get us to 3,000 signatures in only a few days. If you’ve reached out to family or friends asking them to sign, please send a follow up to make sure they have. If you signed up but have not considered your spouse or others in your household, please ask them to sign as well. Or, if you have creative ideas to help generate more awareness, please do it and share your idea below. Whether it’s bringing your iPad to the registration office or Driver’s License Office with you, whether it’s wearing a sandwich board as you walk through Downtown Tampa, the entire premise behind this initiative is thinking outside the box and attacking the registry from a different angle, so no effort to bring awareness to our cause is a bad idea.

Next step… 5,000!!!

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