FAC sent letters to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to address two issues of significant concern for our population.

The first is the scam. This scam has been allowed to perpetuate for more than 2 years now. In February 2018 the FDLE sent an email warning of the scam, but that did not stop the perpetrators, and to our knowledge nothing has been done since. Many registrants do not have access to email or were added since. Emails are very easy to overlook. We ask the FDLE to send letters to everybody on the registry or fund postage so that we can do it ourselves. Ideally, the FDLE should not allow the registry to be downloaded in batch or google-indexed in a way that someone can access thousands of records at a time.

The second is the coronavirus. This is another situation that repeats itself over and over. It’s a pandemic this time, it was a hurricane last time. in both cases there are absolutely no provisions in the registration statutes that provide for exemption of certain registration requirements during times of emergency or natural disaster. There are also no provisions for the elderly or sick. The registration statutes are strict liability, meaning you will be convicted for violating them even if you did not intend to. People should not be required to risk their health or risk a felony to comply with an “administrative” law. The elderly or ill should not unnecessarily expose themselves or others to infection and those who cannot care for their own affairs should not expose their caregivers.


Letter To FDLE RE Scam 03112020

Letter To FDLE re coronavirus 03122020

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