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In just a few weeks, our president Gail Colletta will be traveling to Geneva Switzerland to meet with members of the United Nations Human Rights Committee. She will have only a few minutes to speak to the full committee in a formal presentation. Afterwards, she will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the UN as well as guests from the United States representing agencies such as Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

As part of the Civil Society Task Force, Gail will be traveling with a team from Miami University Law School, the Miami Coalition to Advance Racial Equality (MCARE), and the national ACLU. The team goal is to address the homeless crisis in the United States with a spotlight on south Florida. While Gail is certainly ready to talk about all of the issues surrounding the Registry schema in the United States, she will be narrowly focused on how the Sex Offender Residency Restrictions (SORRs) are contributing to the increased population of homeless in Florida. SORRs are created at the state level, however we will be asking the UN to question the United States regarding the practice of SORRs.

Specifically, we are asking for the United States to ban the use of SORRs and any such practice in which a government (federal, state or municipal) can deny one’s freedom to choose where to live or deny citizens the right to choose who they want to live in their homes. We are asking the UN to convey to the United States that restricting where a person can live, and who a person can live with in their own home, is a violation of multiple articles including Article 12 of the human rights treaty on Civil and Political Rights that reads: “Everyone lawfully within the territory of a State shall, within that territory, have the right to liberty of movement and freedom to choose his residence.”

The United States is required to periodically report on compliance with the human rights treaties, but these reports often omit information on areas of human rights that are not being monitored. Such is the case with the Registry schema and the practice of SORRs. For that reason, non-governmental agencies such as FAC, can submit a “Shadow Report” that addresses omissions, deficiencies, or inaccuracies in the official government reports. In the Shadow Report submitted by FAC, we explain the use of SORRs and the impact it has on registered citizens, their families, and our communities.

This first trip to Geneva will provide guidance for future trips. FAC plans to work with national organizations next year to develop a comprehensive Shadow Report that defines all human rights violated by the Registry as addressed in our original filed Complaint with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights submitted in November 2022.

Special thanks to those who have made a donation to the FAC General Fund this month to help with the expenses for Geneva. We still need to meet our goal of $10,000 to cover expenses for a representative from FAC and MCARE to travel to Geneva. Every dollar is appreciated.

Please take a moment today to make a contribution to the FAC General Fund in any amount ($10, $15, $100 or whatever you can do). You can make a donation online at

If you want to contribute to the matching fund challenge or prefer to make a tax deductible donation to help with the expenses, you can send a check to Justice Transitions/FAC, PO Box 470932, Lake Monroe FL 32747. Please indicate on the memo line how you want your donation to be used.

Change starts with one small step, which was our 2022 letter to the UN. Then we reached out to MCARE and joined their fight against the homeless crisis in Miami, we were offered the next step to join the Human Rights team going to Geneva this year where we expect to build relationships that take us to the next level. We will keep taking a step forward until we reach the apex, the highest point of success. That’s who we are at FAC. Let’s step together.


The Florida Action Committee (FAC)

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