A 62 year old man in Utah is dead after the brother of a 16 year old teenager who accused him of sexual assault killed him.

The girl told her brother that the man sexually assaulted her on the bus. When the man got off on his stop, the brother followed him off the bus, tackled him to the ground and beat him. The man died from his injuries a few days later.

Surveillance video from the bus showed that, in fact, no assault had taken place and the accusations were false!

The tragedy is not just the death of the innocent man, but the number of persons falsely accused of sexual assault who do not have the benefit of a surveillance video to support their innocence. Many among our population are innocent but took a plea to withhold of adjudication and a few months probation decades ago, unknowing of the lifelong consequences that would follow them.

The Innocence project, which focuses on exhortation of death-row inmates, said that of the 130 DNA exonerees were wrongfully convicted for murders; 40 (31%) of these cases involved eyewitness mis-identifications and 81 (62%) involved false confessions [as of July 9, 2018].

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