In another small victory in the “Ex Post Facto Plus” challenge, the Court clarified it’s order granting the plaintiff’s anonymity to prohibit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement from sharing the identities of the “Does” with anyone other than those who have a need to know.

After the Doe’s victory in their Motion to proceed anonymously, the Court ordered the parties to confer and agree on a suitable protective order. The parties conferred but could not agree. Attorneys for the Does wanted the identities kept secret from anyone other than those who have a need to know. The FDLE wanted the identities to be known to anyone at FDLE – all 1,900 FDLE employees! Thankfully, the Magistrate Judge ruled in favor of the Does.

There’s still a long road ahead in this war, but it’s good to win another battle and it’s good to see that there are some fair judges out there.



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