The Federal Bureau of Prisons is issuing a double-whammy! Under the new administration, they recently announced 6000 BOP workers will lose their jobs and they will be initiating a massive shift of inmates to for-profit private prisons.

We have written extensively about the private, for-profit, prison industry which in exchange for campaign contributions, has successfully lobbied for (and been awarded) lucrative contracts and longer prison sentences. Now, according to Mother Jones, the Trump administration is paying back its major contributors by shifting business their way. In addition, 6000 federal jobs were eliminated, despite the BOP being already grossly understaffed.

To give you an idea of what the prison workers themselves think of the idea; they purchased advertising space on three billboards, featuring a coffin, in order to bring public awareness of the danger this move will cause.

For those with loved ones in Federal Prison or anyone offended by the general notion that private companies (and politicians) profit by incarcerating human beings, you might want to contact your legislators to voice your opposition.

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