FAC wants to recognize the efforts of Florida Cares Charity, and their organizer Denise Rock.  After months of preparation, buses carrying FL Cares supporters rolled into Tallahassee last week for Justice Reform Lobby Day.


With the support of Florida House Representative Dianne Hart (District 61-Hillsbourough) the power of their voices were heard long before this Lobby Day.  They have the attention of Rep. Hart, who is committed to Justice Reform, as she too has family members that are incarcerated.  Here is a video of Rep Hart on the steps of the FL Capital last week, as she acknowledges the relationship with ACLU and FL Cares, and she also summarizes several Justice Reform related Bills in the House:  https://www.facebook.com/DHart61/videos/1015592998823939/


Florida Cares is a Florida nonprofit that is committed to improving the lives of the incarcerated through advocacy, visitation, and programs.  In 2018, Florida Cares joined with FAMM, a nonpartisan, national advocacy organization that promotes fair and effective criminal justice reforms to make our communities safe. Founded in 1991, FAMM promotes change by raising the voices of families and individuals who are directly affected by counterproductive sentencing and prison policies.  Together, FAMM and Florida Cares are engaging more families with incarcerated loved ones in Florida to become advocates for sentencing and prison reform.


While FAMM and FL Cares that are closely monitoring and raising awareness of the unfairness, indignity, inhumane living conditions and inept release-preparation for persons during their incarceration, Florida Action Committee (FAC) focuses on improving fairness, dignity, living conditions and successful re-entry after release from incarceration.  But what we all have in common is the drive to change the current system through Justice Reform initiatives for ALL PERSONS; no one should be excluded.


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