Inmates in Florida Prisons are planning a strike. The peaceful demonstration, called “Operation Push” will protest the inhumane and unconscionable conditions in Florida Prisons.

The strike is scheduled to begin Monday, January 15th, to coincide with Martin Luther King Day.

For too long, Florida prisons have subjected its inmates to barbarous conditions. Most have no air conditioning, despite Florida summer temperatures averaging in the 90’s. Inmates have been the victims of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of prison guards. Inmates are utilized for prison labor as if they were slaves. Severe overcrowding and under-funding has led to unsafe and unsanitary living situations.

The conditions are not just unconscionable to the inmates, but to their families who support them. Items purchased at the prison canteens cost four times as much as they could be purchased at any grocery store. Prison phone rates are exorbitant. Inmates without family support or whose families cannot afford the State’s price gouging, have to resort to any means necessary to purchase basic necessities.

Florida has the third-highest prison population and the highest instance of prisoner deaths in the United States. Something needs to be done!

Groups are organizing support protests outside prisons across Florida. If anyone  is interested in becoming involved or becomes aware of organized, peaceful, events, please post the information below.

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