It’s not the milestone any State should aspire to reach, but the State of Florida now, officially, has more than eighty thousand names on it. 80,342 as of today, to be exact.

Florida is adding so many people to it’s registry at such a fast pace that we just flew past the 80K mark without even noticing it! Of course, more than 18,000 of those are currently locked up and not in the community, 506 are in civil commitment an indefinitely locked up, 3252 were deported to another country, oh, and 1304 are dead. Besides that, more than 29,000 list a permanent address in another state or country. There are 19 kids on the registry, but get this… we have 14 who are still alive and over 100 years old! Better keep a close eye on those centenarians, right?

Only California and Texas have been known for having larger registries than Florida, but last year California enacted a tiered registry, which affords lower tier registrants to be removed. Texas also allows people on the registry to petition for “deregistration” under certain circumstances, so long as they have only one registrable offense and they have met or exceeded the duration of registration under the Adam Walsh Act. So, it should not be much longer until Florida overtakes those states.

Eighty thousand is a big number. To put that into perspective for the lawmakers up in Tallahassee (population 191,000), that’s nearly 50% of the population of your city! So good job lawmakers. Whether your next milestone is 100,000 people registered or simply to be in first place, you’re on track!

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