That’s it. The Florida Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of Derek Logue and against Senator Lauren Book, declining to hear the case and stating that no motions for rehearing will be entertained.

Today was a great day for the First Amendment and an individual’s right to peacefully petition and protest against politicians. Lauren Book and Derek Logue are on two completely opposite sides of the sex offender registry debate. However, when Derek didn’t shy away from making his voice heard, Ms. Book filed a restraining order against him. The restraining order was originally granted (says something about her influence in Broward County), but the 4th District Court of Appeals sided with Derek and the Supreme Court did too.

Hopefully this puts an end to a multi-year, very litigious case that was unnecessarily dragged too far.

Congratulations to Derek Logue and extra thanks and congratulations to the attorneys who represented him, Jamie Benjamin and Gary Edinger, who have always been very good to FAC.

This case preserves a very important legal precedent!!! Show up, Stand up, Speak out!!!

The Order is Here:

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