Jason DeMare went on an ADULT website and initiated contact with AN ADULT. For days, they chatted and flirted while he believed the woman was 18, but on the fourth day she told him she was 14. She was neither 14 nor 18 and she was not a flirty female but an undercover officer. Each time DeMare tried to steer the conversation away from sex, the officer tried to steer it back. Each time he said he was not interested in a sexual relationship with a minor, the officer kept cajoling him and calling him chicken.

Sound familiar? It’s pretty much the playbook for these “stings”/”scams” run by Florida police departments. When I first heard some members tell me this story, I thought “yeah right”, but when I heard the same story over, and over, and over and read the transcripts in Trey Gennette’s case, I couldn’t believe law enforcement would get away with this and just how often they used these tactics to bait and switch someone into a manufactured felony.

When I asked why they took the plea? it was always because they were threatened with decades in prison if they didn’t.

There have been a few brave souls who put their foot down and took their chances in court. One such brave soul is DeMare. You can read his decision here:

DeMare v. Florida

If your situation is similar… maybe we should coordinate victims of these scams and expose the law enforcement “stings” that entrapped them?

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