The civil commitment fiasco gets covered in the publication Route Fifty: ”’There is no evidence that having these programs reduces sexual assaults,’ said [ACLU lawyer Ben] Wolf. ‘We have a good lab: Lots of states have these programs and lots don’t. There is no appreciable difference [in the number of sexual assaults reported]. If the goal is community safety, the program is a failure.’”

As Guy Hamilton-Smith separately observed on Twitter:

“Since these programs exist in fewer than half the states, that’s perfect conditions to test if they have any impact whatsoever on rates of sexual harm.

Wouldn’t you know it, they don’t.

They are incredibly expensive however.

They’re essentially ways states can ‘constitutionally’ retroactively increase someone’s sentence to life by calling it treatment as opposed to punishment.

If we want to give these people life sentences, there’s a way we’ve agreed to do that under the law. This ain’t it. “

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