The following is an update from an advocate in Georgia. If anyone is in Georgia and would like to be connected with the advocate group there, please reach out to [email protected]

Here’s an update on Georgia HB 720 which would require Judges to issue mandatory lifetime probation sentences upon conviction of a 2nd sexual offense.  It would also make it lawful for Sheriffs to put signs on registrants property on and before Halloween.

The bill passed today 98-63.

There was nearly 30 minutes of discussion both for and against.  I helped my representative (Kennard) craft a great opposition speech.  In the end, we just didn’t have the votes to stop this in the House.

The bill now moves on to the state Senate.  My plan is to remind the Senators that this bill does not implement any of the findings that came out of their own study committee last year.  I also plan to get the Department of Community Supervision to publicly oppose the bill.

If anyone would like to, you can view the livestream here (begins at 1:01:40):



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