Here’s one that will make you ask WTF?.

The Sheriff of a County in Georgia exposed himself in a park and ran from Atlanta police. Here’s how they handled it there…

DeKalb County Sheriff Jeff Mann said he will take a self-imposed suspension starting this weekend.

In a memo to the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Mann said he is disciplining himself for one week due to “conduct unbecoming.”


Mann was arrested earlier this month and is accused of exposing himself at Piedmont Park, then allegedly running from an Atlanta police officer.

Mann said he will donate one week of pay to charity. His suspension starts this Sunday… SOURCE

So let’s say this happened down here and he wasn’t a police officer… you commit indecent exposure, in a park and evade law enforcement… we’re talking a life sentence on the sex offender registry.  If I had similar charges and were reading this, I’d be up in arms!

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