In April, we wrote about an FAC member currently exiled from his home country because of International Megan’s Law.

One of our members, who has a decades-old conviction, for which he got probation, left the country 17 years ago and hasn’t come back. He went on to live a good life in this other country, established a business, got married and had three children. In October, his mother fell gravely ill and he returned to see her. When he flew into the country (another state) he did what he was supposed to do and registered his one-week stay, letting them know he would be going home on November 7th.

Our country sent a “green notice” to the country he now (and for the past 17 years) lives, warning them of his arrival, flight information and registration flyer. Not surprisingly, the authorities were waiting for him and upon arrival he was immediately turned back. Unwilling to step foot in the US again, he’s currently exiled in a third country, unwilling to be subjected to a lifetime of persecution in the US and unable to return home to his family. He desperately misses them and they miss him.

The state he visited was Illinois and his presence on their registry is what precluded his return to his family.

Just several hours ago, attorney Ron Kleiner, who appeared pro hac vice in Illinois, argued a petition to have this individual removed from their State’s registry, The court granted his petition, finding that the individual’s continued presence on the Illinois registry was a grossly disproportionate punishment for the crime, served no benefit to the people of Illinois (as he is no longer there) and ordered his immediate removal from their registry!

This is a significant win, a tremendous relief to the individual who can now be re-united with his family and hope for those who are listed on a registry in a State they no longer live!

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