So we all know how much local news stations play up the sex offender scare. Ratings are low… nothing compelling to report… thrown in a story about “dozens of sex offenders living in a motel” or “sex offenders in the parking lot of your grocery store” and people perk up!

Believe me… as an organization that advocates for those labeled “sex offenders” whose membership is primarily comprised of family and loved ones of these individuals, the last thing they want is to be clustered in flea-bag motels where they are charged an exorbitant premium because of their status or in a parking lot. They would love to be able to live at home with their families, but they can’t because of the messed up laws that are causing them to be where they are.

Today, two sex offender fear-monger networks, WPLG (they actually have their own sex offender registry on their site) and WFTV are running stories about sex offenders living in parking lots of super-markets and motels. You can read the stories here and here.

The WFTV story contains a quote that made me smile. After going into their “how can these sex offenders stay in motels where children stay… oh my!” – they quote the registrant they had been following as saying;

“If you check the records, and be a good reporter, instead of having your head up your ass, you’ll see that my ‘so called’ victim was an adult, and it’s got nothing to do with kids!”



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