If you have been impacted by either (a) Florida’s 3-day reporting requirement for change in temporary residence, or (b) having your driver’s license branded with the unique identifier designating you are on the sex offender registry (or both a and b), we want to hear about your experience.

We want this information because FAC will be submitting declarations and/or a brief in support of the Ex Post Facto Plus challenges and we want to share real-life examples from real-life people who are impacted by these laws.

These are the types of questions we are looking for you to answer in your explanation: Does the in-person reporting of a temporary residence stop you from traveling for a long weekend? If so, what kinds of events or opportunities has this caused you and your families to miss?

What are the schedules of your sheriff’s / DHSMV offices for in-person reporting and have you been prevented from in-person reporting because one of these offices were not open during a period you were required to register or would have been required to register?

How long does it take you to get to and from sheriff’s / DHSMV offices for the purpose of making in-person reports? How much does going there and back cost you in terms of gas prices, Uber/Lyft or parking fees? Do you have to miss work and, if so, lose wages in making these trips?

Have you experienced any impact in regard to showing the branded “943.0435” or “Sexual Predator” driver’s license? Has displaying the license caused you to be turned away from any facilities? Has it resulted in you being escorted through facilities? Has it caused you to be treated with any hostility, insults, jibes, nasty looks?

Your participation is completely voluntary, but will be helpful. If you want to share your examples, you will need to give your full name. If you are uncomfortable doing so, concerned that probation or law enforcement will retaliate against you for participating in this challenge or don’t want to, we understand completely but can only use submissions from people who are comfortable giving their full names.

This request is only for people who are in Florida. If you don’t have a Florida driver’s license, you clearly have not been impacted by the marking on your Florida Driver’s license. If you live in another state that marks their licenses also, that’s unfortunate, but that information will not be useful, since these cases only challenge the law in Florida. If, however, you live in another state and were placed on the Florida registry for being here “3 or more” days but fewer than 5 days. Or you have been unable to travel here because of the law, we might consider sharing your experience.

Please stick to your experience with (a) Florida’s 3-day reporting requirement for change in temporary residence, or (b) having your driver’s license branded with the unique identifier designating you are on the sex offender registry, (or both a and b). If you write to us about residency restrictions, proximity ordinances, middle of the night address versification, can’t go to your kid’s graduation, got fired from 10 jobs, etc., etc., those are all issues that we are well aware of and sympathize with, but are completely unrelated to the two specific requirements we want to address in these statements.

Once you submit your statement, someone will call you to verify the information. This might be a lawyer for the plaintiffs in the Ex Post Facto Plus challenges or someone working under them. Please make sure that whatever you write contains your full name and telephone number. Your telephone number will not be part of the declaration and will not be filed with the case, but it’s needed so someone can contact you. Remember, your name will be part of your declaration, so if you are not comfortable with that, please don’t submit anything.

If you want your voice heard, email your summary to [email protected] and we will consolidate the responses. If you don’t have email, print a hard copy and mail it to the address on our contact information. If you don’t have a printer, write it in crayon on a napkin, we don’t care. We need these ASAP!

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