The city of Boulder, Colorado is debating a residency restriction for “sexually violent predators”, but even when it comes to the most dangerous classification of sex offenders, it seems cooler heads prevail in Colorado and the City is taking research and facts into consideration.

An article in Colorado’s Daily Camera sets out a compelling argument against the implementation of sex offender residency restrictions. They write, “Studies have repeatedly shown that limiting housing options for sex offenders and those deemed “sexually violent predators” does not improve public safety and may in fact increase the likelihood of recidivism.

Such laws can effectively zone certain individuals out of contention for local housing. One Florida study found that, of nearly a million housing units studied, only 4 percent complied with state and local restrictions.

A memo from city staff to the council stated that, “The significance of the impact of housing restrictions is the lack of housing availability leads to transience, homelessness and reduced employment opportunities. Housing instability is associated with increased rates of recidivism.”

One significant advantage that Colorado has over Florida is that their State has a Sex Offender Management Board to independently and objectively investigate and report on the issues.

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