And a GOOD piece:

I was disappointed to see the comments from my neighbors and city officials reacting to the new City Walk shelter on Mahan Drive. As a resident of the nearby Old Town Neighborhood, I want to welcome Renee Miller and the City Walk shelter to the neighborhood.

Renee saw a need to help Tallahassee’s unhoused community during an unprecedented crisis. She sought help from official channels and bravely took it upon herself to fix the problem. Now she also has to defend against NIMBY — Not In My Back Yard — neighbors and elected officials who like the idea of providing shelter but not the reality of opening a shelter.

Everyone agrees homelessness is a problem that needs addressing, but nobody wants it in their neighborhood. Any shelter location will be in someone’s neighborhood. Is our neighborhood unique in a way that means a shelter cannot be here? Do our property values and feeling of safety matter more than other neighborhoods in Tallahassee?


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