We like to post these every so often to remind everyone on the registry and their families that there are individuals out there that use the public registry to commit scams against persons required to register and their families.

It has been VERY prevalent in Florida and although the FDLE has done nothing to warn those on the registry about it, we’ve done our best to keep it prevalent in our updates, but no region of the United States is immune.

Police in Story County Iowa issued the following warning:

The Story County Sheriff’s office is cautioning residents that a man has been making scam phone calls, posing as a law enforcement official and demanding money. The caller identifies himself as Detective Aiden with the Story County Sheriff’s Office.“The scammer will advise the individual of a warrant out for their arrest due to non-compliance with sex offender registry laws,” according to a news release. “The scammer instructs the individual to go to purchase a specific money card from Walgreens to enable payment over the phone. This scam call typically comes from a 515 area code.” Capt. Nicholas Lennie of the Story County Sheriff’s office said it’s not uncommon for scammers to use the actual names of personnel from the sheriff’s office.“We’ve received a number of calls in our dispatch office advising about this,” Lennie said. “Scammers tend to prey on people who are more vulnerable and may fall to those types of calls.

Interesting that they acknowledge people on the registry as “vulnerable”.


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