Florida based private prison company, GEO Group, is using a page out of the playbook of Ron and Lauren Book. When confronted with opposition; sue the person! That’s what GEO Group is threatening to do to Dream Defenders (who describe themselves as a group of young people of color who are advocating for our basic human rights).

According to this New Times article, GEO is Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s single biggest contractor, with more than $400 million worth of deals to run private prisons! They are also huge financial supporters of Florida’s Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, and Lauren Book (who pass laws that enrich GEO Group).

GEO Group, whose lobbyist is Ron Book, is taking an approach similar to what his daughter, Senator Lauren Book, did when confronted with advocate Derek Logue (of OnceFallen). She obtained a stalking injunction against him! Interesting strategy… you don’t like what people have to say about your policies and practices, instead of showing up to the debate with facts, you sue.

Dream Defenders responded to the threat with a statement saying, “Threatening us with lawsuits won’t stop us from exposing the truth about what the GEO Group and other Dream Killers are doing to our communities,”  As for Derek Logue, his injunction is currently being appealed by Attorney Jamie Benjamin, who is representing Logue Pro Bono, with costs for items like transcripts covered by several advocacy groups, including FAC.




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