You won’t believe the absurdity of this one… The Illinois Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a man who entered a public park to retrieve his son.

Patrick Legoo had a 2006 conviction for a sexual offense. A decade later he rode his bicycle into a park to tell his son, who was there watching a game, that it was getting late and it was time to come home. He then left the park without incident. The whole event took less than 5 minutes.

Coincidentally, a police Sergent who was in the park with his grandson recognized Legoo, knew he was on the sex offender registry and called the police, who went to Legoo’s home and arrested him.

Illinois does have a law prohibiting a sex offender’s presence in a park, and the Supreme Court upheld the conviction. Pretty ridiculous! The only redeeming part of this absurd scenario is the dissenting opinion, which seems to indicate that the law is stupid.

You can read the opinion here:

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