A win in Illinois! A Court last week found that a law that prevented more than one person required to register from living at the same address cannot stand as it is being applied by the defendants (Illinois Department of Corrections) against persons required to register.

The statute precludes convicted sex offenders on mandatory supervised release from living “at the same address or in the same condominium unit or apartment unit in the same condominium complex or apartment complex with another person he or she knows or reasonably should know is a convicted sex offender or has been placed on supervision for a sex offense[.]” has been the cause for an extreme lack of available housing. The few residential facilities that accept persons required to register have been under attack for housing more than one.

Aside from the limited victory, the case was also important because the Court examined social science in making their decision (this almost never happens). The decision referenced a report that contrary to popular belief, there are no negative effects from such close living and, instead, identified a handful of benefits.

Many people in Illinois are being kept in prison beyond the date the could otherwise be released, simply because they cannot find affordable, compliant housing.

The decision can be read here: Barnes v Jeffrey – Order

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