Preparation for the in-person registration challenge is well underway.

This challenge will address the multiple occasions where a person required to register MUST report IN PERSON to the Sheriff’s office or Driver’s License office to report things like vacations, business trips or of a roommate gets a new car.

These additional in person reporting requirements (in addition to the 2 or 4 times one must already report in person for re-registration) are unnecessary. The same information can be taken online, in writing or over the phone without the necessity of going to the one registration location in the county (which might be miles away), at inconvenient times (most are not open 7 days a week or after work hours), only to wait in long lines or have to pay a fee for the privilege of doing this.

We are looking for potential plaintiffs for our lawsuit. If you are significantly impacted by the in-person reporting requirements and would like to be an important part of this challenge, please contact [email protected]

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